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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Regions On Call

PH Logo Sexual Offense Services (SOS)

I was on call for SOS from 5am-5pm on Sunday. It was an active day due to activity on late on Saturday night. I was called to see two rape victims at Regions hospital. My role as an advocate is to be there for the victim as someone who's not a Dr or nurse and won't be prodding or poking them. Someone who, if they feel comfortable, can talk with about anything that has happened or will happen while they are in the ER. I explain the services we offer at SOS (651-643-3006 24/hr line) which are individual counseling, group counseling, help with court dates, help with order of protections, and more. See their website http://www.co.ramsey.mn.us/ph/yas/sos.htm

I handle the phone, respond to Regions hospital to work with the victim, policy and the nurse examiner. I arrange rides home if they have no way to get home from the hospital. I will also arrange shelter if they have no where to stay. I went through training spring of 2000. I encourage anyone to consider this type of volunteer work if you have a big heart, good sense of listening, and in some case, a sense of humor! Every call I go on is different than the previous one..each visit is an opportunity to be there at what could be the person's worst day in their lives. I am honored to be that person.

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