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The International Pageant System was created to showcase married women, their coummunity involvement and commitment to marriage and family. Each woman chooses a platform in which they are passionate about to promote throughout their reign. My platform is titled, "The Unseen Enemy-Educating Parents on Internet Safety." My website is www.mrsminneapolis.com

The 2011 Mrs. Minnesota Interneational Pageant will be held on March 12 & 13th in St Cloud, MN. I am very excited to continue my work teaching parents and children about the dangers of the Internet. Please visit http://www.mrsminnesota.com/ for tickets and more info!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I attended the first annual Meet and greet Holiday Party hosted by Pageants Unlimited. It was an excellent opportunity to meet other contestants and people involved behind the scenes in the pageant. Everyone in the family was invited and my daughter, Hopkins Raspberry Festival Jr. Queen, loves to come to the "big girl" events. She is especially in love with my coach Cheri Kennedy.

All of the Mrs. MN International contestants attending the party

Kelsy, Claire my daughter, and Miss Teen MN International Jenna O'Rourke

Myself and Cheri Kennedy, my coach

Miss Teen Minnesota International Jenna O'Rourke and myself

In front of the Christmass tree!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Augsburg College Finals Break!

It's that time of year....finals for college students! I was asked to help at Augsburg College for "breakfast at night" study break where all of the students could come and get pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, etc before going back to hit the books! Everyone was so grateful for us coming out so late (10pm-midnight) to support them in their study efforts.

We are ready!!
The students taking a break to grab some food.

 Paul Pribbenow, the president of the college, and I after our shift.

ND International Pageant

This is the 2nd year my friends and I have driven to Fargo, ND for the weekend to support the women of North Dakota who were competing for their titles of Teen, Miss and Mrs North Dakota International. A girls weekend away is always fun and a bit adventurous!!

We almost ran out of gas but made it to this gas station where they also sold bait. We all got a kick out of it and the store patrons thought we were odd I'm sure for taking pictures of fish.

At the pageant we stopped to take a photo with Paula Preston, the official photographer. She is also the photographer of the MN pageant. She is awesome!!

After the pageant we all went to Grazzi's for the after pageant celebration where more awards were announced. Carolina Reyes, Miss Minnesota International 2010, was one of the judges as well as Tina Monosmith, Miss Minnesota International 2008. Minnesota was representing!

Friday, December 10, 2010

On Saturday December 4th, 2010 my girlfriends Angeline Gard, Mary Swenson and Miss Teen Minnesota Jenna O'Rourke made the trip to Fargo, ND to support the International ladies who were competing for their state titles.  This is the second year that we've gone for a girls weekend and there's never a shortage of conversation in the 4 hour drive!!

We were litterally praying that we could make it to a gas station even though we were in the middle of no where. Our gift of gab made us oblivious to the level of our gas tank!! Thank goodness for our Garmin who guided us to a little station which also sells....live bait. We don't see much of that here in the city of Minneapolis. I made Jenna take a picture of me in front of it and the locals looked at us as if we were crazy. We four girls dressed in our cute outfits stood out in this tiny town's gas station. It was our first adventure!

At intermission we found Paula Preston, the official photographer of the pageant, and  made her pose for pictures with us. I can't say enough about Paula. She cracks me up and has a wonderful heart. I always love being around her!!!

After the crowning everyone was invited to Grazie's for more awards and a reception. Carolina Rayes, Miss Minnesota International 2010, and Tina Monosmith, Miss Minnesota 2008, both had the honor to judge the pageant. It's a huge honor for the Minnesota girls to be asked to judge the pageant. Two out of the three queens represented Minnesota at the pageant plus myself as a local title holder. The ND pageant organizers were so grateful that we were able to make the trip to support their system. We were honored to have the great reserved seats!

Maybe one day they will come to St Cloud to see our pageant! We had a great time, didn't we ladies!?

North Dakota International Pageant Trip

On Saturday December 4th, 2010 my girlfriends Angeline Gard, Mary Swenson and Miss Teen Minnesota Jenna O'Rourke made the trip to Fargo to support the International ladies who were competing for their titles.  This is the second year that we've gone on our girls weekend trip.  

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bagging Food for a Good Cause!

The need for food has been huge this year due to economic times and the ICA Food shelf has been serving our community for 38 years. What started out as two couples handing out food and clothing in Hopkins, MN has grown into an organization that is supported by 36 churches, local civic organizations and over 100 businesses.
The ICA has a food distribution program for people who make appointments for food orders but won't turn away walk-in's to get an emergency food bag. They also have an emergency financial assistance program for rent, mortgage and utilities. As you can see, this is a wonderful and longstanding program.

Donate any time of the year or to learn more about them visit:

I was asked to bag groceries for tips that would go to the ICA food shelf and had a great time doing it! Customers of Cub Foods in Minnetonka/Excelsior were more than happy to come out in the snow have help during this holiday season.

I have a system for bagging so I was a pro at it!

Everyone was asking about my title so it was a great opportunity to advertise my platform and the International Pageant. There's never NOT a place that you can talk about it. The banner is sure to strike up a conversation!

Me and the Mayor of Excelsior Nick Ruehl working together!

Nich Ruehl, the Mayor of Excelsior, Shirley Buehler from ICA and myself after a hard afternoon!

Broccoli is something I know how to bag being vegan!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Internet Safety Day at the Bank

I was featured at US Bank in Eagan on Friday as the business partner of the week. All week long a poster board was promoting me and my Internet safety information in the lobby of the bank. I was available to meet and greet customers from 11-2pm to talk to them and hand out online safety brochures. Many people had children or teens who used the Internet and were grateful for the information I was able to provide.
I want to thank the branch manager Doug Scalia of the Eagan branch for affording me this opportunity. I have known Doug for many years and appreciate his friendship and dedication to keeping kids safe while being online.
Thank you Doug!!

On Call for SOS


I was on call for the crisis line and it was a busy day. It's bitter sweet because that means people are reaching out but it also means that people are being hurt. Rape is the most under reported crime so whenever we have a survivor brought into Regions Hospital it is a good thing. We never press them to make a police report but we make sure they know that the evidence will stay on file with the BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) so if someone else reports the same person they can be linked to multiple crimes. Or, if this person is identified by the person brought in now and their DNA is already on file, they will be prosecuted for other previous cases, hopefully. It also gives the victim some power over what has happened and gives them a choice in the matter of what happens next.

I was called into Regions ER early on Saturday morning and when I finished the case I was called back in just as I arrived home. Both different types of cases but I can generalize in saying that drugs or alcohol can be a big factor in a lot of instances. May I remind you that it is never the victims fault. The questions is, does the person give consent to the act. If no, then a crime has been committed. It doesn't matter if they had alcohol, were using drugs, dressing sexy, etc. People need to understand these excuses are myths. Police officers, especially ones trained in Ramsey County, are fully aware of this. Even if you think something has happened, I advise you to to get an exam so evidence can be collected as soon as possible. You must take care of you and that is the most important thing of all.

I hope that one day the crisis line is never needed and that we live in a world free of assault. I hope that I will never be needed as a volunteer. I've learned a lot of things as an 11 year veteran. The job never gets easier but I thank god every day I've got a very understanding and loving husband to come home to for hugs.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This was a very meaningful event for me. It was 3 years ago when I made an appearance with Mrs. Minnesota 2007 Donnell Rank where I first laid eyes on Tala, a 104 lb rottweiler. We had seen her online profile on Pet Haven't website
http://www.pethavenmn.org/   a few weeks prior but at the last minute decided to hold off on adopting a dog.

At the fundraiser I approached the foster mom who was handling the mystery rotty and I asked her the name of the dog. She said, "Tala." I was over the moon that the SAME dog that we had been considering was right in front of me! I immediately called my husband, Mike, and he told me to stay by her to see how she acted in a room full of people, loud noises, etc. That was no problem because Tala wouldn't leave MY side! In the pet fashion show she was the show stopper at the end in her feather boa.
When Mike came to get me after the benefit, he was able to see just how wonderful and well mannered she was. We then went to the PETCO that Saturday to fill out the adoption papers. She was ours later that week!! We spent 3 wonderful years with Tala....She passed away Oct 18, 2010. She has left a hole in our hearts, especially mine. She followed me wherever I went, slept next to my side of the bed every night and it was clear that I was "her person." We will definitely go back to Pet Haven to find our next family member when the time is right.

When Pet Haven called to ask me to be one of the celebs to walk in the fashion show this year with the animals sporting clothes by Lulu and Luigi, of course I said yes! How could I turn that down!? I love their organization.

The event was held at the Sofitel Hotel in Edina on Nov 13th, 2010

Me posing with the poster board with my photo among the other "celebs" of the night.

The Silent Auction portion of the fundraiser

The chefs even went so far as to make me a special gluten free, vegan dinner!

The evening was hosted by Staci Mathews of KS95 Moon and Staci Show. Others in the fashion show included Jason DeRusha from WCCO- TV reporter, Donna Valetine of K102 morning show, Cheryl Kay from 102.9 Lite FM on the Kevin and Cheryl Morning Show, Natalie Darwitz who is the U of Mn Women's hockey asst coach, Elizabeth Reis who co-hosts Twin Cities Live, Johnathan Rabb of CW Crew, Jenna and Peyton from the MN Vikings Cheerleading team, and Me, Molly Nicholson Mrs. Minnesota International 2011.
Yes, I was flattered but I told them of the typo and they corrected it when introduced me.

Waiting back stage to show off the animals!

Jason Derusha from WCCO Ch 4 News

Elizabeth Reis from Twin Cities Live

I had the pleasure of walking a grey poodle named Suzie!

She wore a pink dress and a pink leash which sported a crown. How appropriate! She was a quite crazy and out of control in which everyone laughed at her but I took charge and all was well!

The evening went very well and Pet Haven was able to raise money through silent auction items and donations. They do not have a shelter for the public to view the animals up for adoption but do bring most to a PETCO location every other week. View their website to see which new family member needs a home! http://www.pethavenmn.org/

Thank you Pet Haven for including me in this meaningful event in this time in my life. You know who you are :)

Pitch book Party!

Mrs Minnesota 2010 Susie Overvold hosted a get together at Archivers at the Eden Prairie Mall. We worked on our pitch books which are basically scrapbooks capturing our year as a titleholder. It's fun to reminisce about all of the people you've met and helped along the way.
They are getting ready for the Christmas season so we took advantage posing in front of the tree in their entry way.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Regions On Call

PH Logo Sexual Offense Services (SOS)

I was on call for SOS from 5am-5pm on Sunday. It was an active day due to activity on late on Saturday night. I was called to see two rape victims at Regions hospital. My role as an advocate is to be there for the victim as someone who's not a Dr or nurse and won't be prodding or poking them. Someone who, if they feel comfortable, can talk with about anything that has happened or will happen while they are in the ER. I explain the services we offer at SOS (651-643-3006 24/hr line) which are individual counseling, group counseling, help with court dates, help with order of protections, and more. See their website http://www.co.ramsey.mn.us/ph/yas/sos.htm

I handle the phone, respond to Regions hospital to work with the victim, policy and the nurse examiner. I arrange rides home if they have no way to get home from the hospital. I will also arrange shelter if they have no where to stay. I went through training spring of 2000. I encourage anyone to consider this type of volunteer work if you have a big heart, good sense of listening, and in some case, a sense of humor! Every call I go on is different than the previous one..each visit is an opportunity to be there at what could be the person's worst day in their lives. I am honored to be that person.

Pilot Knob Elementary School

It was Internet safety night at Pilot Knob Elementary aimed at parents. Earlier in the day the kids had their session about what information could be dangerous to share online. Karina Berzins from the BAC in St Paul was there to help parents understand the latest technology that kids have access to these days.
Did you know that Facebook has over 500,000,000 users now? Imagine how many of them can cause problems. Don't discount the huge weight of cyber bullying either.

go to http://www.netsmartz411.com/ for more information on how to talk to your kids about the dangers of internet predators and what to do if they come across anything inappropriate.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


At Imagine! Pring Solutions I was able to talk to employees, most who have children, about the dangers of internet predators. I handed out brochures from Netsmartz http://www.netsmartz.org/index.aspx and the importance of being educated about where their children are going online. Anyone can download information from their website and teach others how to be safe. Spread the word and we will have a safer world for our children! (adults too!)

Online Safety Panel with Amy Klobuchar

Being MEA and Claire having home from school, I took the opportunity to have her come along to a panel discussion featuring Senator Amy Klobuchar on "online aggression." Topics of discussion were online bullying, stalking, online harassment, and preditory behavior.

Serving on the panel were Kristin Chamberlain, Associate Proffessior of Communication Studies at Augsburg College, Lynn Midland, of Northfield, a mother of a child who was a victim of cyberbulling, Nicole Jackson Colaco, public policy manager at Facebook, Brian Hill, computer forensics investigator with the Anoka County Sherrif's Office.

I found this to be a very informative forum. Did you know that Amy Klobuchar urged Facebook to create a "panic button" application on their website to help protect children from cyber--harassment and allow them to report any instances of cyber abuse?

Klobuchar is also Senate author of the "STALKERS Act," bipartisan legislation to strengthen and update federal anti-stalking laws to protect victims and provide law enforcement with the necessary tools to address the new challenges of cyberstalking.
Pretty Cool to have someone like that working in the MN Senate!!

American Heart Association Gala

On October 16th, 2010 I helped volunteers like Becky Ringen set up the Minneapolis convention center for that evening's fundraiser! It was a lot of work getting everything from the chairs covered to the silient auction looking beautiful. I wasn't able to stay for the actual dinner that night due to it being my daughter's birthday. I hope they raised a lot of money because heart disease is the #1 one killer of women. Know your numbers and sign up for the Go Red For Women movement at http://www.goredforwomen.org/
Get your free red dress pin and learn more about how to live heart healthy! I myself had heart surgery on Halloween in 2000. Take care of yourselves!!
Setting up the convention Center

Look at how pretty it is so far!

A Great Cause

On Friday, October 15th I volunteered at the 6th annual benefit gala held at the Sofitel Hotel in Edina which helps disadvantaged people gain lifestyle skills. I sold light up necklaces which then allowed you to play "heads or tails" game for the chance to win a cash prize and also was a live auction spotter after the dinner was served. I have volunteered for this event for four years and am grateful that such an organization exists. Other ladies from the pageant system were there to volutunteer along with me. I hadn't met them before so it was a fun night in many ways!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The city of Minneapolis was named the #1 city for bicycling in the U.S by Bicycling Magazine and the Midtown Greenway and the Midtown Greenway Coalition had a lot to do with that. The 44 mile bike ride on Sept 25th, 2010 raised money to raise awareness of the Greenway and of biking in the cities. For more more information on the Greenway visit the Coalition web site at: http://www.midtowngreenway.org/

My friend James and  I posed below the Greenway sign.

He raised over $5400 and won a trip to Paris France!!

Tim in the lovely green cape led the event.

My daughter Claire helped pull raffle winners.

Even the birds came out for support!


I was asked to attend and volunteer at the Taste of the Lakes 2010 which was held at the Bayview Event Center in Excelsior, MN on Friday Sept 24 which benefited the ICA and the local food shelf. I modeled jewelery which was donated and raffled at the at the end of the evening  which cost $5 for one ticket ticket or 3 tickets for $10. There was live acoustic music by Tim Mahoney and LOTS of wonderful food from local restaurants. A photo booth was put up (see above with my daughter and I) which was a hit!! A lot of fun was had by everyone.  A lot of money was raised and I hope to be part of the event in the future!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go Red for Women

The International Pageant System teamed up with the the American Heart Association (AHA) in 2008. As a contestant and someone who had heart surgery for PSVT I take pride in being able to promote heart health and being aware of what your body is telling you. With my condition my heart would suddenly race at a very high rate and as time went on, I couldn't stop it or  get it to settle back to a normal rhythm. Just before having the ablation surgery I was spending a lot of time in the ER to fight my heart racing. I would be exhausted after the marathon my heart was running in my still body. Ambulances had come to my office to take me to the ER (driving like that is bad!) to "reset" my heart. It started happening regularly so I made the decision with my cardiologist to proceed with the ablation surgery. I've been cured since! My mom also had a form of tachycardia and my mother in law as well.

Be aware of what you are feeling and take the signs seriously. A campaign that the AHA has which is a great diagnostic tool is to take a survey of your overall health picture. You can do that at http://mylifecheck.heart.org/PledgePage.aspx?NavID=5&CultureCode=en-US

Learn the 7 simple steps that ANYONE can do to reduce the risk of heart disease. It is the number one killer of women so this isn't something to take lightly! I took the survey to get a picture of  my health but some of the questions regarding diet maybe hurt my in my overall number but Mike and I are vegan and I also don't eat gluten since I am allergic to it. My overall score was 7.3. I am in the preferable "green" area of the chart border lining the 2nd best color yellow. Looks like I need to step up my cardio and RAISE my blood pressure! I've always been on the low end around 110/75.  Take the test to see what you can do and where you fit on the chart.

I'd like to get more involved in promoting the movement and I'm going to look into sharing my story which started when I was only 18.

It was a very busy day with my banner presentation and the evening meeting! Keep checking here for updates for upcoming Go Red events. I am also able to get you the little red dress pin so please email me ( mollynicholson3@gmail.com subject line red dress) to get one for yourself and every woman that you care about!

Be Healthy!