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The International Pageant System was created to showcase married women, their coummunity involvement and commitment to marriage and family. Each woman chooses a platform in which they are passionate about to promote throughout their reign. My platform is titled, "The Unseen Enemy-Educating Parents on Internet Safety." My website is www.mrsminneapolis.com

The 2011 Mrs. Minnesota Interneational Pageant will be held on March 12 & 13th in St Cloud, MN. I am very excited to continue my work teaching parents and children about the dangers of the Internet. Please visit http://www.mrsminnesota.com/ for tickets and more info!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I attended the first annual Meet and greet Holiday Party hosted by Pageants Unlimited. It was an excellent opportunity to meet other contestants and people involved behind the scenes in the pageant. Everyone in the family was invited and my daughter, Hopkins Raspberry Festival Jr. Queen, loves to come to the "big girl" events. She is especially in love with my coach Cheri Kennedy.

All of the Mrs. MN International contestants attending the party

Kelsy, Claire my daughter, and Miss Teen MN International Jenna O'Rourke

Myself and Cheri Kennedy, my coach

Miss Teen Minnesota International Jenna O'Rourke and myself

In front of the Christmass tree!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Augsburg College Finals Break!

It's that time of year....finals for college students! I was asked to help at Augsburg College for "breakfast at night" study break where all of the students could come and get pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, etc before going back to hit the books! Everyone was so grateful for us coming out so late (10pm-midnight) to support them in their study efforts.

We are ready!!
The students taking a break to grab some food.

 Paul Pribbenow, the president of the college, and I after our shift.

ND International Pageant

This is the 2nd year my friends and I have driven to Fargo, ND for the weekend to support the women of North Dakota who were competing for their titles of Teen, Miss and Mrs North Dakota International. A girls weekend away is always fun and a bit adventurous!!

We almost ran out of gas but made it to this gas station where they also sold bait. We all got a kick out of it and the store patrons thought we were odd I'm sure for taking pictures of fish.

At the pageant we stopped to take a photo with Paula Preston, the official photographer. She is also the photographer of the MN pageant. She is awesome!!

After the pageant we all went to Grazzi's for the after pageant celebration where more awards were announced. Carolina Reyes, Miss Minnesota International 2010, was one of the judges as well as Tina Monosmith, Miss Minnesota International 2008. Minnesota was representing!

Friday, December 10, 2010

On Saturday December 4th, 2010 my girlfriends Angeline Gard, Mary Swenson and Miss Teen Minnesota Jenna O'Rourke made the trip to Fargo, ND to support the International ladies who were competing for their state titles.  This is the second year that we've gone for a girls weekend and there's never a shortage of conversation in the 4 hour drive!!

We were litterally praying that we could make it to a gas station even though we were in the middle of no where. Our gift of gab made us oblivious to the level of our gas tank!! Thank goodness for our Garmin who guided us to a little station which also sells....live bait. We don't see much of that here in the city of Minneapolis. I made Jenna take a picture of me in front of it and the locals looked at us as if we were crazy. We four girls dressed in our cute outfits stood out in this tiny town's gas station. It was our first adventure!

At intermission we found Paula Preston, the official photographer of the pageant, and  made her pose for pictures with us. I can't say enough about Paula. She cracks me up and has a wonderful heart. I always love being around her!!!

After the crowning everyone was invited to Grazie's for more awards and a reception. Carolina Rayes, Miss Minnesota International 2010, and Tina Monosmith, Miss Minnesota 2008, both had the honor to judge the pageant. It's a huge honor for the Minnesota girls to be asked to judge the pageant. Two out of the three queens represented Minnesota at the pageant plus myself as a local title holder. The ND pageant organizers were so grateful that we were able to make the trip to support their system. We were honored to have the great reserved seats!

Maybe one day they will come to St Cloud to see our pageant! We had a great time, didn't we ladies!?

North Dakota International Pageant Trip

On Saturday December 4th, 2010 my girlfriends Angeline Gard, Mary Swenson and Miss Teen Minnesota Jenna O'Rourke made the trip to Fargo to support the International ladies who were competing for their titles.  This is the second year that we've gone on our girls weekend trip.